15 Best base designs in State of Survival


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State of Survival is a free post-apocalyptic management game in which you control a growing group of survivors in a world full of the dead. While there are tasks to complete and survivors to upgrade through intense battles, the main goal is to build your base. Some build on efficiency, while others build on visual appeal. In this article, we’ve gathered the top 15 basic State of Survival designs from across the community to inspire you to play.

15. Mass prosperity

This first base was built so well that it prospers better than most of the others we have ever built. There is no real secret other than playing the game as intended by the developer. Each building is constantly being improved, and the player requires building assistance from members of their Alliance to help reduce build time. Obviously, this requires a lot of commitment, logging in several times a day and constantly working on what resources you need to build the next upgrade, but it’s very achievable.

14. Segmented

This one is for players who like to organize their buildings. Each building that produces a resource is in one area, Intel is in another, and disposable buildings are arranged so that there is no confusion. This base has been built so that the player knows exactly where he has the tape on the screen when he loads it. It is highly efficient and has clearly been designed this way from the beginning. Note that if you want to be able to quickly tap the screen once and get everything in a hurry.

13. Just for fun

kitten-base survival status
Picture through u / p_iynx and Reddit

This base is a great example of how a player plays and has fun. We recommend that you build as many structures as possible and really fill your base in this game. However, you can also have some fun and draw animal faces or other shapes on the ground. There is nothing stopping you from cramming your buildings and keeping a cute cat or dog for as long as possible.

12. A promising home

promising home state of survival
Picture through u / raullapeira and Reddit

This base was designed to look like a small, promising town in the middle of an apocalypse. It reminds us of Alexandria in The Walking Dead. An area in the world that is safe and secure, where people can return to some semblance of normalcy without having to worry too much about the monsters wandering off the wall. This base is definitely not effective, but at least it looks nice.

11. Hyper effective

hypereffective state of survival
Picture through u / capcoid and Reddit

Here we see another base that has been optimized for efficiency. It’s completely different from the above. While the last highly optimized base was about having each source in one place, this one brings all the specific types of buildings together. It makes it easy to see how much production you have and what other important structures are dotted around the area.

10. Great colors

fairytale colors-state of survival
Picture through AkA on strife

This base doubles the color aspects of this game. End-of-the-world games are usually dull and bleak. Here, however, we see colors crackling from every corner. It’s a refreshing way to build a base that will make you stand out from the other bases in your Alliance.

9. Division of paths

Picture through Skai [300]S196 on strife

In this base, you can see how the player used the paths to clearly define each area of ​​his base. It takes a lot of time and effort, but the result is probably worth it. Like several other bases on this list, this one looks like it could exist in real life. It is natural that people try to create order wherever they are, and this base shows how it would work to the extreme in the world of state survival.

8. Celebration

celebration-state of survival
Picture through ThreeofFour on strife

This base shows what happens when humanity succeeds after the end of the world. Not only has this player created a fantastic base, but he has also made it as clear as possible, so it flies in the face of death that surrounds them. You have to try to do that if you are just starting out and you need some motivation.

7. Using treeline

Picture through Introvert on strife

In this base you can see how the player masks his buildings as much as possible using the treeline. All their production is in the middle, easily accessible with a single tap on the screen. The rest of the settlement is on the sides, safely tucked behind the trees. It’s a nice way to give an aesthetically pleasing sign. Of course, once these production structures are fully upgraded, this base will also be highly efficient.

6. Just tap

Picture through Isaacs_ and Reddit

This base has been designed to appreciate everything you need with a single movement of the screen. This is the dream of most players because it allows them to optimize their time in the game and spend as little time as possible in their Settlement. It looks extremely clinically, but if it works well, we can’t criticize it too much.

5. Crowded

cramped state of survival
Picture through Hatchet Man on strife

This base is what most players will eventually build in their first play. Keeping all the buildings together in one corner makes it easy to defend and track what you have. The only problem is that once you reach a certain number of buildings, it is quite difficult to determine which structure is which. It also limits upgrades further down the line and is not a very clever plan that you should stick to for long.

4. Central park

Picture through Blinker on strife

Most players ignore nature in their formations, but this base is focused on it. It’s nice to see, but it will probably take up most of the time in the end. If you are looking for something a little different that you could do in your next base, try to have a huge garden in the middle. If nothing else, it’s beautiful to watch.

3. Chaotic

chaotic state of survival
Picture through Carpet on strife

At this base, we all build on at least one pass. It’s a point in the game when we’re breaking a story without thinking about where to place the structures. It’s easy to fix, but it’s hard to escape. It’s important to know that everyone does it, and you shouldn’t feel bad when you’re creating a bit of chaos. After all, the rest of the world is covered in rotting flesh.

2. Using lines

survival status lines
Picture through Blinker on strife

This base is about using lines. Each building is based on a very deliberate line relative to the others around it. All the main buildings are in a huge block at the top and the production of resources is in a small rectangle on the right. It’s probably quite effective, but more than anything else it’s just organized. Ideal for those who like order in their games.

1. One by one

state of survival one by one
Picture through AussieVoják on strife

This last item shows what happens when you lay out each building you need, one by one. Eventually, you end up with a base that has no personality at all. There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s okay if all you want to do is fly through the game without having to spend time designing. However, if you want to do something that looks good, avoid it.

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